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Web Editors Toolkit

A motley selection of resources for web writers and editors.

Credibility Evaluation Resources - NEW!
Studies and resources for evaluating site credibility.

Blogs and RSS
Resources, getting started, business blogs and why you might want one.

Boxes and Arrows
One of the best sites for information architecture and content-related issues. Practical and in-depth, written by experts in their fields.

Poynter Institute for Media Studies- Reporting,Writing and Editing section.
Roy Peter Clark writes a weekly series of short essays primarily aimed at journalists, but excellent for web writers, too. you don't have to work for government to appreciate the terrific information and resources on this site.

" is the primary government source for information on usability and user-centered design. It provides guidance and tools on how to make Web sites and other communication systems more usable and useful. Topics include:


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