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My In-house "Web Writing and Editing" Training

Customized, in-house Web Writing training for your whole staff.


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What You'll Learn

Make your site content dynamic and customer-focused!

If you're migrating content from print to web, moving your site to a CMS, developing a new architecture, or just need to make your content scannable and readable, my Web Writing & Editing classes are for you.

• Classes are jam-packed with hands-on exercises-you'll be writing and editing content directly in a computer lab.
• You'll be DOING what you're LEARNING in a fast-paced, skills-based workshop.
• Demos, exercises, site critiques and lively class discussion let you apply what you've learned to your site the very next day.

Learn more about my in-house training classes.



I cover these, and more, in my one-day classes.

• Make your content task-centered and informational.
• Create goals for everything you put online.

• Turn big blocks of text into bite-sized chunks.
• Create a strategy for making text scannable.

• Shorten verbose text, say more with less.
• Use Plain Language for clarity and impact.

We'll be applying all this - and much more - in a practical and efficient way, to energize your material, develop your content effectively, create a strong audience focus, and make your content easy to read and find.


Practical, as it's based on my 20+ years training vastly different clients, with a huge variety of issues, as a content strategist, producer and web writing trainer. You'll learn from my experience!

Problem-solving, as I've worked with clients solving their companies' web content problems since 1995 - there's probably very little I haven't seen or dealt with by now!

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"I loved/hated the writing exercises-but they were VERY valuable. As painful and difficult as they could be for me, it was the quickest method to point out what you do and don't know. With each one, you learn and improve a little!"

-University of Louisville student

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In-house, customized Web Writing classes

Your advantages:
• Exercises are customized around your own material.

• Class questions and discussion are related to your site.

• All trainees learn, share and discuss the same techniques.


• Questions? Contact me.


Looking for customized Government web writing training for your staff?


  In-house training clients include:


American Chemical Society
American Institute for Cancer Research
American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA)
American Institute for Cancer Research
American Iron & Steel Institute
American Petroleum Institute
American Public Power Association (APPA)
American Red Cross
American Society for Civil Engineers
American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN)
Americans for the Arts (AFTA)
BBC - London, UK
Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)
British Information Services (BIS)
Brooklyn Public Library
Burness Communications
Caliber Associates
Census Bureau (on-going classes)
Center for Deterrence of Biowarfare and Bioterrorism
Dept. of Energy/National Energy Technology Labs
Dept. of Homeland Security/TSA
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (on-going classes)
Federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA) (on-going classes)
First Coast Service Options, Inc.
General Services Administration (GSA)
Georgetown University, Wash.DC
Government of Yukon, Canada
HIMSS-Healthcare Information and Management Systems
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Infectious Diseases Society of America
IQ Solutions, Inc.
March of Dimes
Matthews Media Group
NAFSA Association of International Educators
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center (on-going classes)
National Academy of Sciences (NAS)
National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA)
National Education Association (NEA)
National Energy Technology Laboratories (NETL)
National Mentoring Partnership
National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA)
National Wildlife Foundation
New York State Bar Association
Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA)
Ragan Communications
Randolph Macon Academy
Renal Physicians Association
S.E. European Times
Seton Hall University
Social Security Administration (SSA) (on-going classes)
Society for Neuroscience
St. Lawrence University
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
The Jackson Laboratory
The Urban Institute
The World Bank Group
Towers Perrin
University of Maryland University College
University of Westminster - London, UK
Usability University (General Services Administration - GSA)
Womens Business Center, Washington DC
York Hospital System



What they're saying about the class!

(More comments from my students and clients)

"Merry Bruns' Web

Writing and Editing classes show you how to create content that's customer-centric, skimmable, easy to read, and well-organized."


"With 11+ years experience as a producer and Content Strategist for her clients, she brings immediate web content solutions to business, association and government web editors and managers."