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Comments & Kudos

My clients and students speak out...

   "Merry's class was great! For once, practical information you can use the next day without spending additional time and resources to implement what you learned. If you work on a web site, I highly recommend it."

- Non-profit student


"I loved/hated the writing exercises-but they were VERY valuable. As painful and difficult as they could be for me, it was the quickest method to point out what you do and don't know. With each one, you learn and improve a little!"

-University of Louisville student

"Wow is all I can say!

"Anyone who comes to Merry Bruns' writing for the Web boot camp, comes away much better prepared for Web survivalist training. The exercises and group-think critiques provide exceptional opportunities to learn by doing rather than talking about how to do it."

- Bradley G. Carr
Dir. of Media Services & Public Affairs
New York State Bar Association

"A compelling and highly useful program. I learned how to tighten up my writing to make it more appealing and useful to both insiders and the casual Web surfer."

— ASJA journalist

"Thank you for the training! As you noted, we are all pioneers.... You, however, are not only a trail blazer but also one who marks trails and then writes a book and publishes a map — all to make it easier for those who come...well, right behind you, we hope."
-- Wash.DC publisher

You are a terrific instructor, and you really have a gift for explaining things to people- making writing much easier!

-- Mary Fumento
American Public Power Association

"I wanted to tell you how surprised I was at the effect of your class on my writing back at work. I noticed it especially when reworking a few sentences on a Power Point presentation for new Patent Term Adjustment regulations."
-- Government agency

"Merry showed us how to look at a Web site with a clinical and critical eye. This helped me dissect our own site and see it through the eyes of the user. Her style is clear and direct.

"The session was not only informative, but it was fun as well. With the techniques Merry showed us, I will never see the Internet quite the same way again.

"Thanks Merry!

-Frank J. Ciervo
Associate Director
Media Services & Public Affairs
New York State Bar Association

   "Thank you again for 2 days of content building jam sessions! "

"Unlike some classes, I 'm leaving with ideas, concepts, and reference materials that I can use immediately. I now have a lot of sites to visit with your comments on what is good and what is not- I know I'll look back at these examples and build using these examples.

"Doing the exercises, and then viewing other’s work, proved really helpful to me!"

   "I wanted to tell you how surprised I was at the effect of your class on my writing back at work. I noticed it especially when reworking a few sentences on a Power Point presentation for new Patent Term Adjustment regulations."

   "Many thanks for the work accomplished in class these past two days. It was a big help to me as I proceed with an overhaul of one client's site.

"As I said, I've been involved with a couple of sites, but always supervising people who knew more than me, this was helpful in orienting me to that world."

   "Thanks so much for all the great information you shared in the Web writing class last week in Washington. It helped me put on my "Web writer's thinking cap" in a new way. The practice was terrific."

  " I just wanted you to know that, as a result of a contact I made at your class, I've accepted my first Web job! As of May 1, I'll be working as an associate producer at *** . I'm thrilled beyond words.

"I thought you might be interested to know that your class bore some interesting fruit. Thank you, not only for the great class, but also for the wonderful example you set."

   "Just a note to say how much I enjoyed your course this past week. The content was great and your style of presentation was energizing and helpful."

  " I like the inspirational and sharing aspects of the class-I know I'm not alone!"

   "Just wanted to say thanks for teaching the Web writing/editing class. It made some important points and got me looking at the content side of my job with fresher eyes (even in that short session!)."

   "I loved all of the meaningful examples. I never get to play on the web anymore, so seeing what's out there helps a lot-especially being guided through the terrain."

   "The instructor has so much knowledge with such a diverse background and has no problem conveying her thoughts. I loved the conversational atmosphere."

  " I wanted to thank you so much for your help and guidance. Michelle and I met with the entire Web team staff and shared the critique of our site. We had a really productive meeting and are in the planning stages of redesigning the site."

   "For me, one of the best things I got out of the workshop was just knowing that there are other people out there working with the same problems I am.

"Here at Penn State, I basically work in a vacuum and have no opportunity to talk with others in my field, if there even are any. Most web writing is handled by people with other responsibilities, I'm one of the few staff members devoted to writing on the web. "

    "It also gave me a real sense of worth...because of how it works here, I guess I've felt that web writing is not really a specialty, but now I see that it is. The workshop opened my eyes to career possibilities and I no longer feel pigeonholed as I have in the past."

    "I loved the web sites you used as examples in your teaching. For me, the best way to learn is by seeing it in action.

"It also gives me a better opportunity to show things to my manager here and say "see what so-and-so has on their site, we should do that."

"I’ve taken your class - and it was great! You should toot your own horn!"

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"More, I want more! This was a great class, I just wish we had more time, especially for the site evaluations, which were great."


"The Web Writer's Guide: Tips & Tools"
Darlene Maciuba-Koppel. 2002 Focal Press.

Darlene's short reference is thorough, covering everything from content guidelines to making it in the online job market. I recommend this both for its brevity and its practicality.




Not sure what a" real " web writing class should cover?
Read John December's article, "Taking a Writing for the Web class? Don't get Ripped Off!" to find out what it shouldn't!  




"Thank you for giving us specific ideas about how to present information on our Web site. It was helpful to analyze the effectiveness of other Web sites in handling information for different audiences. Your written exercises helped us put concepts into practice. We thoroughly enjoyed two-day class!"

—Deborah Penn
American Public Power Association

"A whole new way of thinking for me. I've never analyzed web sites before, just evaluated them as "good" or "bad" without thinking why." "I started to realize that I'm used to working really fast and taking liberties in making text work for a given situation—I guess that shouldn't surprise me as an independent consultant for 5 years, but at times I felt like one of the more free-wheeling ones in the room!"
Diane Allard
Marketing Matters
Arlington, VA