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"Content & Coffee"

Sponsored by Merry Bruns, ScienceSites Communications
Content & Coffee is a networking event for online editors, writers, and content managers. Meet and talk with others in the field during an informal and energetic atmosphere.

Topics include current online communications, management, web writing, social media and editorial issues. "Content & Coffee" features panelists who are professionals in these areas.

Celebrating ten years of "Content & Coffee" - 1997-2007



"WEB ANALYTICS: Can it help you improve your web content?"
Date: Dec.4, 2007

What's Web Analytics and how can it help you fine-tune your company's web content?

o Web analytics is the measurement, analysis and reporting of website data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing website usage.

o Web analytic professionals measure things like user behaviors, marketing effectiveness, and site performance issues.

So how can this help you?

Our speakers will discuss how they're applying Web Analytic tools to their own sites, and how using it tends to improve usability and site revenues. You'll also learn how to apply Web Analytics to your marketing methods and enhance your site's user experience goals.

TIME: Please note!
This is a socializing and networking event, along with guest panel. Speakers go on at 7:30-come earlier to scmooze!

6:30-7:30-Networking and coffee
7:30 PM-9:00 PM - Speakers and Q&A

LOCATION: National Press Club
Washington, DC 20045

RSVP: Evite - This event is free and open to all.


Ann L. Poritzky, MBA
Marketing, Communications, and Project Management
Washington, DC

Anna Bottiglieri
Corporate Web Services
IFC Corporate Relations
Washington, DC

Phil Kemelor
Tool-independent web and search engine marketing analytics consultancy.
Novato, CA



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"I had a fantastic time on Monday night. Your panel was one of the best I've ever heard."
- Pat Wood,

"What a great program!
Trust me when I say that I have never said this before, "please add me to your list". The presenters were so relevant and had real experience...
I'll be back, and I would like to bring some colleagues."
- Tim McCrosson
CPD Web Manager


"Content & Coffee" is a Washington event for online editors, writers, and content developers, hosted by Merry Bruns.

Meet and talk with others in the field in an informal and energetic atmosphere.

Topics focus on current web communication and editorial issues, and feature panelists who are professionals in these area.

Events are generally held at the National Press Club, and are co-hosted on occasion by affiliate groups at their locations.


Announcements are posted on several listserv's, so if you're on one of these, you'll hear about it. I also encourage cross-postings.

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The National Cancer Institute
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